I don’t know
why I can’t remember
the first moment I realized
that your warmth, inviting and unrequited,
had rekindled the flame of my own self-worth.

I wish I’d seen it coming,
How the light from your soul
would cascade like summer sunlight
across my fair skin, warming
even my darkest inner recesses.

I didn’t protect myself from you.
The purity and radiant brilliance
of your smile has burned a change in me,
forcing me to peel away layers of a dead fascade
that I have hid behind for years.

I didn’t see you leave.
Although it hurts me to say,
you were worth all pain.
I wish I could still live protected,
enveloped by your light- invisible to most, Ultraviolet.

I will look for you amongst the stars,
which you taught me can connect kindred spirits
across thousands of miles of apologies and tears,
regrets and dreams. For if I search for you
in the North Star, and you still look there for answers,

Then in that instant!

Its guiding light might bring you back to me,
bridging an ocean of mistakes I made
at the speed of light, so that I might bear witness to thee..
that I am a better man today, tomorrow, and forever,
because you were my angel in disguise <3

Copyright Paul Langdon September2011
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