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To This Day

This powerful work has been going viral, and rightly so.  It explores how the insecurities that form from bullying, and how they stay with you much longer than the proverbial “broken bones from sticks and stones”.

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Creativity Experiments

Jim ManisJim Manis is the English Department coordinator at Penn State at the Hazleton campus.  He is also the Director of the Professional Writing Minor. Until, 10 minutes ago, I had never heard of him.  Turns out, he has a set of creative writing exercises that I stumbled upon tonight while scouring the internet for inspiration to write this post.  I think I’m going to do a couple and see how they go. Continue reading

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I don’t know
why I can’t remember
the first moment I realized
that your warmth, inviting and unrequited,
had rekindled the flame of my own self-worth.

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