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Hilarious Netflix Customer Service Win

This is not me, so I can’t take credit for this, but come on!  Why can’t every customer experience be like this! Props to Netflix. I just found a whole new reason to like them!


Netflix win

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Annnnd, we’re back.

Some of you may have tried to reach my site yesterday and reached a big nasty error or something.  That was lame. Good news is, as far as I can tell, everything has been recovered, with nothing lost.


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CNN Criticizes Existing Millennial Journalism

I love this biting opinion piece run by CNN about how Millennials seem to be getting a lot of bad press lately. The fact that it is a comic is even better. Matt Bors was born in 1983 and was a 2012 Pulitzer Prize Finalist in editorial cartooning. He regularly tweets stuff on Twitter and has a new book out: “Life Begins At Incorporation.” Please check out his post on CNN and his personal site! Continue reading

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Will Pearson – Understanding Millennial Influencers

"This is the most educated generation in all of human history.. Resist the urge to dumb it down."

“This is the most educated generation in all of human history.. Resist the urge to dumb it down.”

William E. Pearson is the co-founder of Mental Floss, a bi-monthly magazine, which he started with Mangesh Hattikudur when both were students at Duke University. The idea was to blend knowledge with entertainment in such a way that it would be educational and fun. Mental Floss then started as a magazine, and has since found a way to capture the attention of the Millennial generation through engaging in multiple forms of social media, which is, as many of the most successful brands will tell you, no small feat.  Will’s talk was around how they have learned to engage their fickle audience, and how to embrace the way they view the world when you deliver content. Continue reading

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On Your Feet – The Art of Making it Up

"The secret to Improvisation is Co-Creation. Life is Improvisation, and creativity is the willingness to play."

“The secret to Improvisation is Co-Creation. Life is Improvisation, and creativity is the willingness to play.”

Gary Hirsch co-founded On Your Feet alongside Robert Poynton in 1996. His premise is that business leaders benefit greatly from the skills imparted in improvisational comedy – most notably the concepts of co-creation, acceptance, and “throwing away the script.”

In Improv, you can’t force your partner in any particular direction. You have to respond to what they say, and them to you, without any preparation beforehand.  This often brings unexpected results, and laughter.  The takeaways are so important! Everything in Improv, in business, in life, is an offer.  Continue reading

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Michael Martin – Vibram

Michael Martin – From a Marketing Strategy to a Global Movement

“We sold a product that went against everything we ever did in the industry, without a business model, that no customers asked for, that people initially hated, without spending a dollar in marketing.”

Michael Martin, General Manager of the Five Fingered shoes (you know, the “toe shoes”), shared his journey building a product that was doomed to fail according to virtually every conceivable measure of potential future success.

The company’s big break was actually deep in it’s history, when it sold the first rubber soled shoe, going on to supply the US military with all of its footwear. They had proven they could innovate once, why not again? As anyone in a large successful company can attest, it is a lot harder to innovate in a proven, successful market than it is at the start of a company when you have nothing to lose.

As if putting Mauro’s theory into practice, they relied heavily on their loyal customers to advertise their product for them. They have a website where their customers have made three minute videos about what Five Fingers means to them.  Suddenly, this confusing, unwanted product has evolved into the 2010 “Item of the Year” in the Plus awards for design excellence.  All of this is possible because they had the courage to stand by their idea, because of their experience with a young, unproven product. The courage to accept early failure as part of the road to future success is instrumental to building a culture of innovation.

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Pep Talk From Kid President

This is making the rounds as the next viral video around, and it totally made my day.  I am standing in a crossroads in life, and this is set my mind on the tasks at hand.



Other videos by Soul Pancake


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I Caved… iPhone 5

I finally made the switch.  My DROID X, while valiant, has made it’s last call. It’s fired its last text. Never again will I stand confused after having taken a picture only to find the gallery says, “Picture not found”. Never again will my phone forget that my camera, or my microphone, exists. I shall put to rest the habit of taking off my case to cool my phone from seething temperatures whilst using GPS for extended periods of time. Never again will I have a phone bill over $100.

Never again will I wake up to math and noise. I shall laugh at the Galaxy Note 2 users that cannot reach the left edge of their screen whilst holding their phone in their right hand. I shall shed tears of shame as I become “just another phone in the crowd”.

This is the end of an era, and the beginning of a new age. This is the evening, that Paul Langdon switched to AT&T from Verizon and purchased an iPhone 5.

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